Lbp2-avalons advanced armaments academy
Avalon's Advanced Arament Academy is a level where Avalon teaches you how to use the RoboBun, the MechaPup, and the HamsterTron 2000. In the RoboBun part, Avalon teaches you how to do the Slam Attack (R1). Then, Avalon tests your skill by giving you 'test items'. There are some prize bubbles above them, so it is recommended getting them first, then slam attacking them. Then Avalon teaches you how to use the MechaPup. He tells you to press R1 for Sonic Bark (used to push doors and other stuff around). Finally, Avalon teaches you how to use the HamsterTron 2000. R1 is for boost or ' burrow with a bang! ' as Avalon calls it. Finally, you will have finished level you will move on to Got the Hump.

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