Cogwheel Creek

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At the start of the level, head right and Touch the spinnable wheel to open a bridge. Right after the first checkpoint, jump over to the platform, then up. Jump off to the right and grab onto the button to swing across. Jump down onto the blue platform and then head right for the next checkpoint.

Go onto the touch platform and touch it to head up. Time your movements under the moving blocks to run past safely, then grab the cogwheel. Ride it a bit to get to the next platform.

Jump over the next two platforms and make sure to not be hit by the pink goo. Grab the next button and swing over to the next section. Touch the spinnable wheel to open up platforms, then jump to them. Do so quickly as they will retract into the wall. Jump up and have Marianne talk to you.

Use Touch to pull down a platform and then use it to get across the goo lake. With a big wall in front of you Touch it in order to pull it down. Get past it to the next checkpoint. After that there is another Touch platform so pull that down so you can jump on it.

Jump on top of the moving platform. Then move the Touch platform back up so it can be used to jump up here. Head left. Then go "back" through the doorway to ride on the gear. Jump out of the gear once Sackboy is by the higher platform. Grab onto the other gear and head left.

Pull down the blue Touch platforms here and jump on them. Watch out for the pink goo. Reach the checkpoint and then go "back" to use the bounce pad. Jump over the two green platforms and cointinue heading left. Cling to the button and ride it down.

Pass the next checkpoint and continue heading left. On the pink river stand on the green platform and Touch the other platform to move it in front. Jump on it, grab the button, and continue heading left.

Past the checkpoint, jump onto the platform and pull it down to fling Sackboy up. Jump to the left platform on the wall which will bounce you to the next one. Then head left and grab onto the sponge. Once up, let go and head right. Pass a checkpoint, then jump and grab the two sponge circles to land on the bounce pad. Jump to the central green platform, then left to the bouncing one, which flings Sackboy to the hanging grabbable object. Grab it and swing right to safety.

Hit the checkpoint then grab onto the sponge wheel, jump off, and reach another checkpoint. Then continue right and grab onto both objects suspended above the pink goo. Then there's another checkpoint and a Touch wheel. Spin this wheel and bounce on the available bounce pad to go up.

Then head left past the checkpoint and jump onto the moving platform. Time time jump to make it through. Once past them, go left for another checkpoint. Run quickly under the moving blocks to not get crushed. Head "back" to use the bounce pad and land on the platform up above. Grab the sponge on the left and swing to the next, then continue running left.

Stand on the moving platform and ride it up to continue forward. On the green platform in the middle of the pink goo, jump "back" to the bounce pad and land on the higher green platforms. Jump right over them onto the moving platforms. Jump above to the cog wheel and hold on to it until Sackboy reaches the upper green ground.

Head right past the checkpoint. Spin the gear wheel in the background to open the movable barrier. In the new area past the checkpoint a machine will shoot green goo down. Hurridly run right and jump to platforms. Touch the platforms with rounded edges to make a path for Sackboy to continue running.

Reach the next checkpoint and pull the two Touch platforms down before leaving the safety of the awning. Then continue progressing right onto them, then grabbing and swinging. Let go so Sackboy falls into the tree trunk and the level will end.


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