Type: Gadgets
Category: Advanced Logic
Obtained from: Tutorials

The Controlinator (also known as "Direct Control Seat") is a player enhancement introduced in LittleBigPlanet 2. This enhancement allows the player to wire things to the Sixaxis controller e.g. Left to move left or X to emit. Direct control seats can use all buttons except start, select or R3 to control. The Controlinator can also set up a signal to sackbots where you can control it like a normal sackperson. Other than the Sixaxis controller buttons, the Controlinator uses a regular Circuit Board. One feature is that you can use the PS button to make it automatically do its purpose. (i.e. a helicopter that will start flying once entered) on the trailer of little big planet 2 you can see a controlinator on the sackbot even though it's not possible in the game without hologram.

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