Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Legends
Location Olympus Maximus

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Resistance LifebarInf
Attacks Breathing fire and chomping

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Species Dragon

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Dragons are enemies from Olympus Maximus, the final main world of Rayman Legends. They closely resemble the dragons of Chinese mythology, or the mythical Hydra of Greek mythology, unlike their brethren from the world Teensies In Trouble. They reside in the hellish pits of Olympus Maximus. They are the biggest creatures of Olympus Maximus behind the Dark Cloud.


They have long, serpent-like bodies and small, ragged wings, many horns sticking out of their heads, giant jaws, two tiny limbs, and long tails with 3 spikes on the end. They also have large white eyes with tiny black pupils.

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