Length and HeightEdit

The Length (and Height) of an object in LBP is usually measured in big grid squares (referred to as a Cosmal Standard Popit Block in tutorials), however there are defined units of measurement in the game which are used in any length tweaks of, for example, connector gadgets.

  • One big grid square is 10x10 units big.
  • One medium grid square is 5x5 units big.
  • One small grid square is 2.5x2.5 units big.


The weight of an object in LBP is measured in sackboys. You can find out the weight of a shape by placing an In/Out Mover on it, closing your Popit completely, making sure you're not in Pause Mode, and then opening the In/Out Mover's tweak menu. The weight will be shown under Current Weight.


Main article: Layers

The depth of an object is confined to fixed values, as LBP is, in essence, only a two-dimensional simulator. An object or material's depth can be up to three thick (fat) layers (two in the PSP version), or simply 1 thin layer. Sackboy walks around on thick layers. A thin layer is about one fifth the thickness and weight of a thick layer, and they occupy the gaps between thick layers.

Glitches can be used to tweak the depth of layers, such as changing them to 50.

  • Theck material is as thick as a checkpoint, Thack material is as thick as a sackboy, and Thock material is the same thickness as Theck, but infront of thack. Together, the three make up one thick layer, but each one still weighs as much as a normal thick layer.
    • Theck and Thack can be made easily in LBP1 and imported into LBP2. Thock can be observed in MM objects but no-one has successfully made a material version of it.
  • The 50-layer glitch allows for materials to be much wider than 3 layers.

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