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After the cutscene, go to the right. Sean Brawn communicates with you by the cutscene and then you can keep going toward the right. Continue that way and you'll be granted the Grappling Hook. Continue right and use it to grapple to the sponge to swing right. It might be hard to use at first, but you'll grow accustomed to the hook.

Then keep going right until you see more sponges, which means you'll have to grapple between both of them to continue heading right. Reaching a wall, use the hook with the sponge directly above and shorten it to be pulled up.

Continue right then you'll want to use the hook again, this time to go down safely. Then keep on heading right and you'll learn to use tilting to move. Go right some more, use the next circle with your hook to jump over the blocks in the way. With a square block above you, grab on to get a free ride up.

Then finally head left and use the bounce pads to get up higher. After the checkpoint, carefully swing on the two circles to get across the electric ground.

At the left you'll run into a wall with bounce pad. Jump on the pad, then deploy grappling hook up to grab onto something and get up safely. Then run past the next checkpoint, onto the bounce pad nearby, then grapple the elevator blocks. They'll help you over.

From there, grab the next elevator block on the right to get Sackboy up higher. Let go at the top and go left to make use of the bounce pad platform. THen jump off right. Past the checkpoint, grapple and tilt to make it across the electricity.

After the short cutscene, head into the elevator with Sean Brawn. Go right, grab the large sponge circle, and use it to swing safely right. Go past the record and cutscene, then grapple onto the two circles. Keep heading right until you reach the touch block. Press it up allt he way then a sponge will extend. Grapple it to get over to the other side, then use the bounce pad in front of the TV and grapple up.

Now heading left, use the bounce pad on the floor to bounce onto the bounce pad platform. Grapple the circle to your left, then continue in that direction. Jump off the platform, grapple, then use tilt to get Sackboy heading down the ramp.

Keep heading right then use the sponge suspended over the electric floor for your hook. Swing left onto the bounce pad which propels you onto the next area. Past the checkpoint, press another touch block all the way up to extrude the grappleable object. Grab it and swing left to the bounce pad.

Use the bounce pad to jump up high enough to grapple above you. Then swing right to land on the other bounce pad. Past the checkpoint, run right and grab onto the large orange sponge. Extend the rope so Sackboy can touch the bounce pad and it will be propelled right up the side of the wall.

Past this checkpoint, grapple up to the upper platform, then use the bounce pad to get higher. Go left past another checkpoint, then use the grapple hook to head down onto a bounce pad. Get propelled left, grapple, then land right on bounce pads. Be bounced up, then continue left.

Push down the touch block, then grapple and lower Sackboy down again to touch the bounce pad on the touch block. Sackboy will once again be propelled quickly off, this time to the right. Keep heading in that direction and jump onto the bounce pad. Quickly grapple, then swing toward the bounce pad platforms over the electricity. Jump to the second then grapple and swing.

Keep going right then jump down at the checkpoint, quickly grappling the circle as you fall. Swing right onto the platform, then grapple the next one. Again, use a wall-mounted bounce pad to propel yourself up and around. Push the VHS tapes as you go right. Then you will reach the end of the level.

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