Stone man
Stoneman a
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman, Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends
Location Blue Mountains

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Resistance Lifebar5 (Rayman)

Lifebar1 (Rayman Origins)

Attacks Contact, flames, lava balls

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Stone men are limbless enemies encountered throughout the Rayman series. They appear in the original Rayman, where they can be found in the Blue Mountains, and Rayman Origins, where they can be found in Mystical Pique. Unlike most of the characters encounted in both these games, their appearance remains remarkably consistent between the two. Stone men along with the Electoons are also the only characters in Rayman Origins to preserve Rayman's limbless feature, while the other ones were considerably redesigned to bear limbs.


In the original Rayman, stone men freely wander on their platform, turning backwards when they face an obstacle. There are two types of stone men: those who hit the ground and fire a flame at Rayman, and those who throw lava balls at him.

Upon being defeated, stone men inevitably resuscitate after a few seconds. Notably, Rayman's hits need to be spaced out or they will be ineffective against stone men.


A stone man throwing a lava ball at Rayman


A stone man firing a flame at Rayman

Rayman OriginsEdit

Stoneman RO HD

A stone man throwing lava balls at Rayman, Globox and two Teensies

The stone men make a return in Rayman Origins as the most regular enemies in the mountain world of the game, Mystical Pique. Their appearance in the game was confirmed in the sixth issue of the Daily Bubble on the official blog. Their battle tactics were considerably changed since the original Rayman game. Here, stone men are static enemies, throwing bouncing lava balls at the heroes from high places. The players can slap the lava balls back at them, or attack them directly. Like most of the enemies in the game, stone men are bubblized with one single hit, being much weaker than their older counterparts. Some stone men can be seen attached to walls, throwing lava balls at Rayman; in order to defeat them, the heroes must do a wall run to reach the places where they are attached.

A specific area of the mountain requires the players to run through diagonal platforms while avoiding the lava balls thrown by a stone man at the end of the path, where a cage must be broken; this is a reference to the classic arcade game Donkey Kong.

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